Hillscapes Guesthouse

Summer has reached us here in Port Alfred

Summer has reached us here in Port Alfred and the high winds are brining some welcome rain together with some lovely calm seas. We are looking forward to a busy Christmas Season and would like to wish all our viewers of our site a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

We have recently registered ourselves with many other booking sites directly and am getting their favourable follow ups and enquiries, so we hope to be a little bit busier with what Hillscapes has to offer.




We continue to enjoy the peace, ambiance and restful vibe that we have created here in our home.





Waiting to welcome busy executives or busy international travellers.




Lots to do in Port Alfred as will be seen if you log into the Sunshine Coast Tourism Newsletter on www.sunshinecoasttourism.co.za. December into January is always a great month both here in Port Alfred and in Kenton. So, if you’re going to be in this part of the world enjoy the moments.




Thank you for those that have followed us regularly and have “liked” our webpages plus our blogs.

Happy Christmas and a blessed 2019 for all.



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