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The pristine outdoor experience in Port Alfred

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The pristine outdoor experience 


Once again, we focus on the beauty and splendor of our Port Alfred Accommodation 13wonderful coastline of the Eastern Cape. Port Alfred still remains a hidden jewel and we are greeted regularly by wonderful days of blue skies, sunshine and beautiful ocean with amazing beaches.
Hillscapes luxury accommodation on the southern end of Port Alfred offers you the splendor of all of the above with the pristine evergreen bush and the attraction of wildlife into our wonderful grassland experiences. We are enjoying both worlds.
We are fast approaching the first day of Spring and know that Summer is due to ascend upon us, which is a privilege to enjoy and appreciate.
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Walks on our magnificent beaches with the long hours during the day, taking into account the hours of daylight – is a huge attraction. Picnics up the river along with the beach picnics makes this an experience to enjoy. We would delight our guests with all of this as the Summer approaches and we are looking forward to sharing the Eastern Cape experience with you.

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To our overseas visitors, we encourage you to visit. Come through Port Elizabeth and experience the delight of PE. We are only an hour and a half along the North coastline with Bushman’s River and Kenton on Sea in between, which is also worth a visit. Here within our world there is so much to share and experience. 
See our website on www. hillscapessa.co.za. We look forward to seeing you soon. 
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