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Being an avid fisherman myself and having lived here now permanently for the last three years, we are promoting the fishing opportunities of our coast line and appreciating the tranquillity of this environment. 
Included in this experience apart from walking through the area and being on the beach, there are amazing spots for the sport of fishing.Kowie Rivermouth entrance
Here in the Eastern Cape, providing that you don’t go over your daily quota, we catch Cob, Shad, JB’s, Black tail, black and white Steenbras and Mussell crackers and other species referred to as the basket of fishing here in the Eastern Cape. The experience of fishing is not just to catch the fish, but to really connect with the ocean, the waves and the air whether it’s windy or not. Included in this experience is the shore life which is very interesting as you are standing on the beach hoping for the right fish to take your bait!!!
JB caught
Baits are locally produced and we generally use baits that will attract certain types of fish and this will be shared with you if you would like to experience the fishing possibility with us in Port Alfred.
It never seizes to amaze me the variety of fish that can be caught both on the river and in the sea and different spots going at least a 100km west and about the same number of kilometres east.
Our beaches here in the Eastern Cape are second to none and the fishing opportunities are numerous to say the least. The opportunity to walk on the beaches and to find your personalized fishing spot is a complete unwind to the soul and the experience of fishing is restful on its own. This is a pastime activity which we have found very rewarding and to share with our guests this experience is something that you can’t pay for!! Come and enjoy the fishing experience with us here in Port Alfred if you keen to learn or if you are regenerating your spirit and passion to enjoy fishing, or just to watch both on shore and deep sea experiences.Ininterupted sea view
Providing the fish is of size and edible we would be happy to cook it for you in the evening. We have various ways of preparation, but we do know how to prepare fish very well. Come and enjoy this pastime experience with us. We look forward to hosting you.
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