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Beautiful May/June in the Eastern Cape

Beautiful May/June in the Eastern CapeThe view through the fire

We all think because of the winter chill that the Eastern Cape is not a place to visit at this time. Please see attached some beautiful photographs taken recently with the winter days upon us.


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Although the cold nights are descending on us, beautiful evening fires, cosy times to rest with wonderful soups, and excellent cuisine is what we have to offer here at our home Hillscapes.IMG 9534
Although the evenings are short and the darkness comes in earlier there is an ambience about our part of the world at this time, which blends with lovely hot coffees, time to talk, reminisce and above all time to relax and enjoy the ambience of the Eastern Cape.birds4 1494495113
A winter beach walk is also very special together with the colour of our sea, which often changes with the winter sun. Trips up the river during this time is also very special, to watch the sun setting in the west and the different colours on the water also brings in a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Bird watching and enjoying the bird sun worshiping on the river as they enjoy the winter sun is also very exciting and is part of the magic of this time of the year.
Rest and more rest is the time for May and June and also time to reflect on ones wellbeing and to enjoy the seasonal changes around you. Watch the wildlife go for those sunny opportunities and to enjoy the long grass that has grown and seeded during the summer months. Outside fireplace
Visit us at any time of the year, but May/June is always special to enjoy the ambience and the chill of the environment.
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